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The company boasts the largest 24Hour Emergency Centre in Polokwane. The Emergency Centre has also been equipped with the latest and best security software and hardware that is currently available on the market.

All Emergency Centre staff go though a rigorous training programme followed by an exam where the Emergency Centre agent must pass the 85% mark.

These exams are also conducted once a year on existing Emergency Centre Agents to ensure that they are still on par with the companies standard procedures.

If they fail they are subjected to a refresher course and must complete the exam again before they are allowed to continue working in the Emergency Centre.

Each shift in the 24Hour Emergency Centre will have a Senior Emergency Centre Agent on duty to ensure that any decisions that have to be made quickly can be done without waiting for authorisation.

24 Hour Emergency Centre

The Armed Response department is our pride and joy. Under the watch full eye of the Armed Response Manager this team have brought our average response time down to 5.7min.

The fleet of vehicles have all been equipped with two way radio communication and satellite tracking. Our Response Officers do not have stand of points but rather dispatch from our offices. This is done for the simple reason that our offices are under 24hour CCTV Surveillance, which means that we know exactly where our Response Officers are at all times.

All of the staff in the Armed Response department have been in the business for more than 3 years and have received intense training to ensure the best possible results. Each Armed Response Officer has completed their Grade E, D and C proficiency course. This enables them to carry company supplied fire arms that are inspected regularly to ensure reliability.

With a total of seven (7) highly qualified Technicians our technical department is up for any job, no matter how big or small.

Faults & Maintenance - We currently employ two faults technicians that specialize in maintaining current systems and also repairing damaged systems.

Installations - Two teams are dedicated to installing new alarm systems and doing upgrades on existing systems. These teams also install CCTV and Access Control systems.

Working on systems that have been installed by other companies is not a problem. All our technicians have been trained on all the leading brands that are commonly found in the field. These include but are not limited to:

- Paradox

- Texecom

- Caddx



Apprenticeships - Salute Security prides itself on supporting the unemployed youth of Polokwane. This is done by opening up positions in our technical department for apprenticeships. All training is done in-house by our senior Technicians. As soon as the apprentice has finished his/her training they are offered positions within the company.

After Hours - Our Technical Department will always have a Technician on standby for emergency situations after hours. The Technician on shift will try to assist the client telephonically first and if this does not resolve the problem the Technician will go out to the premises to assist the client. With this we also ensure that the Technical Manager is available after hours.